Guy is ghosting me?

So i've dated this guy pretty seriously for about two months, shared a lot of our life experiences and I thought i got to a point where he trusted me. Then i got sick and had to move to my parents house for the next two months (one hour drive away). He texted me every single day asking how I was and we always made playful jokes, until mid September he stopped texting at all. I started to iniciate conversations but he wouldn't show the same interest in keeping it up, so we've not had any form of communication for two weeks. Last week i was finally able to move back to my apartment and texted him about getting coffee and giving him his birthday present (on the eve of his birthday) he said he'd be too busy and we should schedule for next week. So last week we agreed to meet on Wednesday and on that day he texted me about having a mass for his departed godfather (the dates matched the facts there) and said we should meet this Sunday (today) or Monday. I asked: what about Thursday and he said it was impossible, but late afternoon Friday we could meet. On Friday i texted him again asking a time and place, and again he said we should meet Sunday because it would be more convenient. So... All this postponing is driving me insane, not sure if i can handle it for much longer but i really wanted to give him the bloody gift that i handmade, dont want the thing lying around to keep reminding me of him. I have a really strong feeling he is going to cancel again today, the thing is i really liked him until he started ignoring me. He's been two years without a girlfriend after dating her for two and a half years only to discover she lied to him about lots of facts in her life, thats why they broke up. I can't stop thinking that maybe he thinks i lied about being really sick even though i sent him several photos at the hospital... Adding the fact that he really doesn't know me just after two months of dating, but i want it to continue... I dont know what to do if he cancels today..


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  • So did he cancel or not? What happened?

    • we met in front of my building, he kissed me on the cheek, we went to an ice cream shop nearby. I tried my best to keep the conversation light and never even once tried to bring up the 'why did you disappear on me?' subject. He didn't pay for my ice cream, we sat and talked about lots of things like we used to do before. He told me he is going to London next month and i had to fight my urge to ask: 'with who?'. I gave him the drawing i made him and I could see that he really liked it, he was analysing it and talking about it for a good 15 minutes and then he said 'i dont really need to know how you did it, i just need to feel when i look at it'. Been talking for about one hour and a half and then he left to go and keep company to his godmother (now a widow). Kissed me on the cheek again and he was gone.
      I'm not going to reach out to him anymore, I think.. He knows how I feel about him, so I'll just wait and see with the least amount of expectations i can have... I got really tired of chasing him during the last week. I think if he is interested he should be the one to reach out now

    • Umm based on the things you said, it seems to me that he is interested in you.

    • I want to think so too but he doesn't text me at all now, and he used to, everyday... Maybe he was just being nice now... I don't know... I have a feeling he will not reach out to me at all, ever again...