Girlfriend gets jealous of my female friend?

Well my female friend, L used to be my date long before I met my girlfriend, It didn't last long.. but we are still friends.

My girlfriend has been busy to hang out lately and I have very few friends. So I told my girlfriend that I'm going to hang out with L tomorrow to kill time. She said it's okie, but judging by her voicetm tone, she didn't feel comfortable about this, and doesn't seem to believe that I dont see L anymore than just a friend. I admit L can be attractive to many people but she's not my type...

Should I just not see her tmw?
And how do I convince my girlfriend to not get jealous? :/


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  • if she gets jealous its because she cares. have a photo of you and your girlfriend on Facebook or instagram so everyone knows you're taken. let her know she's yours and your hers. I'm the same with my boyfriend and he messages his ex. i trust him and if i really wanted to i could read his chat with her so i know he isn't hiding anything otherwise he wouldn't even give me the option to read it


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