Stupid reason for staying a virgin?

So i'm a 20 year old guy, and i'm still a virgin. I don't really have trouble being with girls, i date every now and then but i don't let the relationship get too intimate because i'm a bit insecure with my body. I workout daily and my body isn't that bad, except for some minor belly fat and love handles, well anyway, i'd like to wait until i have the body of my dreams to be able to get intimate with a girl, i want to be able to take off my shirt and have her say wow, i know this sounds really superficial and vain but it would be something that would pick up my confidence more than anything. Do you think i'm just being silly and should get it over with or is my vanity within reason?


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  • Yes and no

    If you're insecure about something, then it's okay to wait a little, take your time and look for a solution.
    But... if for example I like you and you like me. We become exclusive
    Then I'd want you to tell me what's up, and I want to see it for myself.
    What if the girl accepts you for who you are as a whole?

    • And even if the girl is ok with it. Only do it when you're ready, the first time is a one time thing

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    • You're welcome

      I wish you good luck, you silly virgin ;)

    • Haha why thank you miss lady :)

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  • Well, it depends on how you feel about how you lose your virginity. Don't feel the need to go change your body for someone but if you want to change your body for yourself, then do it! If you want to work out and make her say "wow", I can't really stop you though, it's really your virginity and you do you. Haha, well, also... the first time won't be perfect, just keep that in mind, don't be so anxious to be the "perfect guy" I'm sure if the girl hops into bed with you, she already accepts you the way you are. Good luck!

    • Haha i get what you mean, and its not really like i'm forcing myself to get in shape, it's something i really enjoy, but anyway i just want to be stronger physically as well as mentally in order to be the guy she deserves.

  • Honestly, who care's what we think, your virginity is yours and if you want to wait for whatever reason, do it.
    but to answer your question, no I don't think it's silly and I'm sure a lot of guys think about this too, as we all get insecure sometimes, I personally am not into muscles but it doesn't hurt either, and if your with someone you really like does it even matter? The attraction is there. I'd just say don't let your insecurity be the reason you miss out on what could be a pretty special moment for you. What if a girl you really liked, who is also a virgin, said this exact same thing to you?
    It's really up to you, if you're not comfortable don't do it.

    • If a girl told me that i would try to reassure her that i find her beautiful regardless of whatever flaws she believes she has, but i could keep telling her just how perfect i think she is but that doesn't mean she'll believe it. I feel like i'm the exact same way, without believing it for myself, those words will fall on deaf ears.

  • Best way to get rid of insecurity is to expose your insecurity lose the v card


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  • Well, you won't say "wow" when she takes of her shirt... Okay who are we kidding, of course you will, but you get my point. Just be an average fella, they are average chicks after all.

    • Haha you're right about the wow part, but i want to be better than average. I want to be something that is not like the rest, i want to set a standard against any guys she has ever dated or will date, i just want to be the best i can be.