Are his parents pushing me out?

So i slept at my boyfriends house last night and no-one was in when we got back about half an hour later his parents and new roommate came back! one of his parents said Hi and i responded with Hi how are you and got "Is our dinner not good enough for you?" (because i was hungry i went KFC for something since im a very fussy eater and didn't want to be a bother) i told her "yeah i'm just a fussy eater" and that when his mum and her partner and roommate gave me 20questions on food and felt very targetted!

We was chatting for about 5mins the his mum asked if we could go upstairs, fair enough! but as one of my friends said if i wasn't there he would have been able stay down and everything and it was like excluding me in a way!

i stayed upstairs for rest of the night me and boyfriend gamed then watched a show and went bed! then woke up did everything i would and his mums partner comes in asks if we want any breakfast i no i never eat breakfast makes me feel bloated and she just said "no wonder your so skinny" but in a more sarcastic ton! and his mum comes in and asked if im okay since she's not seen me alot! in which my boyfriend replied with stop being sly! then she went on to say oh didn't on to say oh didn't know you had tattoos and then called me goth! then went down stairs to see his mums partner and again she said "it was nice seeing you in the breif moments we actully saw you"

Normally when i see his parents there nice and welcoming, but there tone of voice and body language was different it was like i was being belittled! One of my friends thinks maybe soon they'll start pressuring my boyfriend into dumping me! I don't know what to think it was all a little confusing.


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  • They probably are more conservative and don't quite aprove your atitudes:
    -The dinner thing might come off as unrespectfull or that you only like street food
    -The tattoo is still a sign of rebelion or lighheaded in some families (it is in mine)

    But if overall they are nice and welcoming, they are not kicking you out. I think they are gradualy making themselves ajust to you.
    The dumping stuff might be come into conversation.. not like dumping, but more in considering if you are right for him and his culture/education etc (parents tend to do that when they see a threat to their beliefs)

    Note: I would really ignore the skinny comment: People will always comment on your body and you'll never please everyone with that


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