What does he mean with all of that stuff that is written below and how should I act when meeting him?

I got to know someone half a year ago and asked him for some advice - but until now we didn't had the chance to meet. As he had birthday I wished him good luck for the future and he asked me if I will be in his homeland, so that we could meet. I agreed but unfortunately, we couldn't meet. Some weeks later he asked me another time and I asked for his intentions - as he has been ignoring everything I have been posting and he didn't even congratulated me for birthday. However, I reacted in a professional manner as I didn't wanted him to play with me in that manner. He said that he just wanted to talk about my aspirations concerning the advice, which was a lie as he already knew everything about my personal aspirations.

2 months later - he was reminded to follow me on social networks, to like everything I posted and even really personal posts that don't have anything to deal with him. We had smalltalks and he started confusing me as he said ambiguous things. We had really deep conversations about lifetime goals, marriage, relationships and heartbreakings. All of that made me feel confused and I told him that. I even told him that I like him although I don't know him in person. He also told me that I am an amazing, incredible, smart, good girl that will find an amazing guy one day. Information: He lives on another continent, that's why we couldn't have a meeting/date.

As things got deeper and he didn't understood my signs I got curious, and I wanted to know what is going on - friendship or something more. I lost my heart the first time in my life and just, because he gave me the living that he feels the same. He sended me songs that sang about the love that the singer looked for and that was the day/ night I had to clear it up. He said about something I said that it is cute. And I said, that I should stop being cute and that I sometimes think that he is cute - but that something then tells me I shouldn't think that. He asked for elaboration an


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  • He's interested