EX BOYFRIEND drunk text them call?

My ex boyfriend was blowing up my phone asking why we didn't work out etc, then he called me and we talked for 2hrs just about life, but he was drunk, not too drunk. But then today he didn't text me or
nothing, so does
he even remember?


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  • Being drunk he had nothing stopping him from expressing his true feelings for you and all the things that were bottled up bothering him but the next day he may not remember much or feel stupid for what he said and doesn't want to contact you

    • stupid as in regrets it?

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    • so how awkward is it gonna be when i have to see him at our babies doctors appt, im 24wks pregnant with his kid

    • Pretty awkward if he remembers, maybe he still wants to make it work but I don't know who broke it off but you are having a child together so it would be best

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  • He does but he probably feels embarrassed about it.

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