Why dont girls seem interested in getting to know me after our first meeting?

I have talked to some of my friends and they will meet a girl, and talk to her for a bit, and then the girl will be texting them a lot, trying to hang out again, or wanting to get together, meanwhile I talk to girls and I never hear from them again unless I text them or talk to them. I was at a party last week, and my buddy was trying to get me to go talk to a women. I eventually manned up and went up and talked to her, and we talked for a good amount of time, then my friend came over and the three of us talked, at that point I left to go talk to another friend, and that night walking back to our apartment my friend spent the whole time texting that girl. Even though she had my number too, she was texted my friend to get together again, not me. And girls do that with other guys too, like I literally have to initiate everything with them, from the first conversation, to the first text, to hanging out, they never do anything. Meanwhile a lot of my friends dont have to initiate as much. They have girls trying to organize hang outs, and texting them, and all this stuff, while the women I meet never do this.

My friends told me that if a girl is interested she will initiate more things, is that true? Does that mean no girls like me because they never initiate anything with me?

Why dont women seem interested in me when I meet them? Is it normal for girls who like a guy to text him a lot, or ask him to hang out? Why do the girls ask my friends to hang out but not me? This sucks.


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  • You're not catching their eye


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