Falling way too fast, any advice?

There is a man who asked me out and I've known him for more than a year, but once that happened, 24 hours later, I started feeling so attracted to him! Now we've been talking and the thing is, I've been very careful about dating, and so I haven't been with anybody for a long while - I just don't want flings and I avoid these types of men big time.

But with this man, it's obvious that the attraction we now feel for one another is out of control and he's invited me to some event tonight but I actually fear going because I know damn well what will happen. It's just TOO SOON for all of this.

I tried to explain some of this to him last night... that it feels overwhelming and I was gonna shut off my phone to avoid him, lol.

From the guys here, if a man displays so much sexual interest so early, my life has taught me that it means that's all he wants. Do you agree? I'm also asking you to please advise me if it is that a man just wants a booty call (not sure of this, assuming it at this point) what behaviors do I look for that suggest the opposite?

I have no problem discussing this with him and telling what I want and don't want - maybe that's the next step I need to take.

And what can I do here to hit the breaks and not feel as if I'm losing my head, because even talking on the phone and hearing the sound of his voice makes me want to rip his clothes off lol

Also they made changes to this site and I don't see a space where to reply to those who answer me... ?

Mikemx55. via chat/phone he gets sexual with me and somewhat aggressive, 'can I see your bra, let me see your panties, please show me' - now I keep him in line but it's abundantly obvious. And if this is going on over the phone/chat/Skype then of course I have no doubt what he wants in person. Loud and clear. The thing is, I also feel tremendously attracted to him, so I need to slow down.


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  • So, he invited you for an event, and you assume he wants it to end up in sex?
    Please don't.
    You should give it a try and see what comes out of that. Does he insist? Does he talk about it? Does he make sexual jokes?

    You've given no info that would hint he only wants a booty call.

    • "if a man displays so much sexual interest so early, my life has taught me that it means that's all he wants. Do you agree?"
      Yes, I do

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