Guys, A guy says he's not into a girl but he keeps seeing her?


From some monthes ago, I started seeing a guy. At that time I needed somebody to be with because I just moved to a new city, my work was so crazy and didn't have much friends. But as the time passes I realised that I started liking him. He broke up with his girlfriend about 6 monthes ago (sounds like he's not over her), and he said he's not looking for a relationship. And 2 weeks after I started seeing him, he told me that he wanted to be frineds with me. I was a bit confused because I didn't expect to be his girlfriend or whatever because that's what he told me in the first place. But anyways I said okay.

I thought he would stop seeing me, but we met two days later and he stayed at my place and it went on like this from then. We don't "match" physically- he's too big for me and it always hurts. We both make efforts and things are getting better gradually.

It's almost like we stay together on every weekends if we're both in the city, and even though the sex part is not so going well he was always nice to me.

Then, after 2 months he told me that he's also seeing some other girls (he said he wanted to be honest with me). Also he's not into me and asked me if we can be friends. By that time I got so emotionally attached to him and I told him I cannot be his friend because I like him.

Even after that things haven't changed- we stay either my/ his place and I go out with his close friends.

-If he doesn't like me, why would he keep seeing me?
(Especially when I told him that I like him. It's always him who suggests a plan every time.)
-If he's looking for somebody to have sex and not for a girlfriend, what's the point of making efforts?
I'm making an effort because I like him and I want to have sex with him. I clearly said this to him. (but couldn't ask this question!)
-Why did he tell me about the other girls he's seeing?
-He's in a foreign country for a few months and he asked his best friend to take care of me. Why?

Would appreciate your opinions!


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  • He wants you stay around because he enjoys having you around to talk to. He enjoys your company as a friend. He told you he was seeing other girls so you could back off. He obviously cares for you.