Should I be worried he will cheat?

My boyfriend will be getting his first car tomorrow. He's 18 and I'm 21. Its not a fancy car, it's a used one. I thought about it and now he will probably want to be around his friends more and get caught up and cheat. He gave me a ring that he spent his last cent on and he always wants to be around me 24/7. Should I prepare myself for the break up? Or am I worrying to much?


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  • He is getting a car not a girl


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  • dude! Not everybody who gets a car will cheat on their SO! It sounds like he loves you a lot. Don't sweat it.

    • Its just that my dad mentioned it to me it has me worried so much. Older people usually are right.

    • I think your dad wants to discourage you from having an older boyfriend (or any boyfriend for that matter).

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  • Dont worry he sounds like he loves you a lot and you shouldn't worry if he got you a ring. that boy loves you but dont get scared if he's hanging out with his friends. he needs his bro time and if you beleive he really loves you then he does so no you shouldn't worry