Boyfriend gets mad that I can't spend time with him?

i work very slowly through no fault of my own and therefore need more time to complete my work than he does howwever he doesn't seem to understand this. i also need to make time in my week for friends and family however he manages to do this very easily but i just can't. he doesn't seem to understand and I've cancelled a few plans last minute which i admit wasn't the best thing to do but surely he can understand. am i in the wrong here or is he?


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  • not necessarily. You might have to reassure him that he is important to you. But if that isn't enough you might have to let him go.

    I completely understand spending time with family that is important. and yes you need some time for friends. But at the same time don't spend time with EACH of your friends before you spend time with him. Take some time for your BFF's but maybe pass on some regular friends to spend a bit more time with him. Especially since work and family are coming first.

    Just keep an eye on who is taking up your time and where they stand with you. If this guy is important to you show him that.


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  • No Time for One another can and Is a Big problem down a Partnership path and Yes... Wrong here, dear.
    Try and schedule things a bit differently so you both can Compromise as two birds of a feather. I realize about your work, but with 'Friends and family,' He is very important as well as your soul mate, and I believe that Everything Needs to be As... Manages to do very easily.
    No, not the Best from the Rest in the 'Cancelled a few plans last minute,' but sit down, talk and plan more carefully as Team mates now, so this relationship doesn't end up fling south at the mouth.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Cancelling the plans last minute can really irk some people.


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  • It seems like you're doing your best to spend as much time with him as you can and i agree it can be hard. Talk to him about this and make him understand. I understand he's frustrated but it's really not your fault.

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