My boyfriend snores really loud?

When i say loud i mean its heard around the house! i can barely get 5 hours sleep, last night i only got 4 hours sleep! i have brought it up but he doesn't see it as an issue and i want to try using a nose clip or seeing doctor but he's not for having it! he says snoring isn't a serious thing!

How can i get him to just listen to me to see a doctor or try a nose clip? Because this is starting to effect me!


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  • record it for him and make him hear it or better yet let him see the comments here.
    hey dude if you are seeing this then you are not caring man and don't deserve the pretty girl that asked the question go get some help for her sake and your too as the snoring can easily cauze a sudden high in your blood pressure while you are sleeping and boooom you are dead. thanks for understanding man :D :D


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