Guys, please help me? a shy girl trying to get the guy?

Ok so I like this guy and we never talk just always look and stare at each other and stuff. We have band so we're always around each other and traveling w with each other. We're both shy and awkward.
There's another guy who likes me
But i the kid in band wayy more.
And I thought the band kid knew I liked him and I was a little upset and I thought he never talked to me. Turns out he thought it was my friend that liked him.
( he never made a move on her or anything). Well a older girl likes him but doesn't want to date him. She just thinks he's attractive. They exchanged numbers they only text. But when they are in person they don't talk and neither of them wants to go over and talk to the other. Should I tell him I like him? Or should I move one and go for the other guy?


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  • I say he's worth a try, it sounds like you are both "available". Try it, but don't put all your eggs in one basket.