He texted me after 4 months?

Hey guys, I started seeing this guy spring 2014 where we had a one night stand and it turned out somehow to be amazing and ever since we saw eachother almost every week. For a while we would have sleepovers sometimes, been out to the movies, grab food together. We sortov became friends with benefits and everything was going well for a while, but nothing was going anywhere beyond that. Since the beginning of this year he started being more inconsistent and was trying to get just as much out of it with giving so little back so I brought up the conversation. Basically, f***** first and talking second became really hard. He basically said he enjoys spending time with me but isn't looking for anything serious. I told him that's fine but feel like he's not treating me as well as he used to. This was at the beginning of summer, and soon after this conversation his friend asked to hook up (Which I politely declined) and he said back how he wouldn't have asked me if he did't ask my friends with benefits for permission first blah blah blah, and I never heard from him again, until 4 months later.

He casually texted me how I've been and he said he's been working hard on a new job. And he asked me if I'd like to catch up one of these days. What do you guys think? I miss him and we had amazing chemistry together and he expressed that a while back too. Should I see what he has to say?


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  • Go out with him, but don't expect more than sex to come out of it.