Guy tried asking me out should I tell my BF?

This guy tried asking me out over text, and I already sort of have a boyfriend. He hadn't asked me out yet but we basically act like we're dating anyway. But of course I said no to the guy who tried asking me out, but should I tell me "boyfriend" about it?


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  • I don't see the point in telling him, or not telling him.

    by the way, if he hasn't asked you, it's not official. So you are still single

    • Yeah I know, I just thought it might be something I should tell him?

    • Seems like you're just trying to stir up some trouble for no reason

    • No. I would not be giving the name. I decided not to tell him anyway

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  • Sure. He should know that there are others interested in you. It keeps him from taking you for granted and it also show that you are being honest with him. 25 years ago, this happened to my girlfriend and she told me. I was cool with it.

  • There's no point in telling him, the guy probably didn't even know you had a boyfriend, he just liked you


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