Differentiating between hanging out as friends and hanging out as more? (Age 28 & 24)?

Hi, I'm 28 female and I am interested in a coworker who is 24. I feel new to dating and things seem much different from 5 years ago. Anyway, we have worked together for two years. Its a small group so everyone talks and goes out together. About two month's ago I asked him to a movie. We went and grabbed a drink after. Since then we have gone out for drinks on a whim after work with friends. He has been single for about 5 months. The fall festival is This week and I asked him to go with me. Instead he said he would prefer coming to my place for pizza and movie. I have tried to show that I like him but I don't know if he realizes it or just ignoring it. We don't text or talk outside of work unless its making plans. We do have deep conversation, give back rubs on breaks lol. Its a restaurant so we are in each others face a lot. But he is just a very sweet polite guy and I just need to know if I have a shot at more than a work friend. Thanks!

So update to the movie night. He told me prior he had tickets to a show and would have to leave at 9 n invited me to go. We had a beer and pizza. It was a little awkward compared to how we act in groups or work. But it was fun we joked a lot and Sat close enough to touch. Other than that there wasn't anything special that stood out. His phone went off a few times n he ignored it but did answer a call and went outside to talk. When it was time to go he gave me a hug bye. (My toddler was there)


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  • Showing doesn't work. You have to tell. Friends usually don't have physical contact

    • Thanks for your opinion. Yeah I was hoping to avoid an awkward rejection haha. Any suggestions on how to bring it up? Is it a good sign that he wanted to come over?

    • Yes it is a good sign. Ask if he's interested in dating

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