Is it possible to tear a attractive stuck up girl down to date her?

like the number one thing that can hurt a girls ego and pride is being called ugly if you do this could you then get her to open up to you i guess its mental manipulation but not for sexual reasons for dating reasons


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  • Haha motherfucking psychotic.

    • no its just funny how so many rejections can change a nice guy into a jerk

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    • Yeah there is more to life than dating. If you want to give up then that's your choice but no one likes being alone. Good luck.

    • i dont have a choice i went on a dating app and i even get rejected by below average women which tells me maybe its time to throw in the towel im not a quitter but i can see the signs

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  • a guy did this to me and it made me hate him and hate myself. it's a terrible thing to do.

    he did it after i rejected him and said i didn't want to date him.
    like all of a sudden being an asshole would make me want to be with him? gross.

    • i didn't always use to think like this the fact no girls flirt with me and i never had a girlfriend and i see other people with girls

  • What's wrong with u? Don't do that. Your making her feel insecure just so that you've got a chance with her? You know that's not going to end well... just don't. 😑

    • its actually doing her a favor normal people dont wanna date stuck up girls and no one likes them either

    • Asshole you're not doing her a favour. Leave her alone. Why do you want to date her anyways? You keep stating the fact that she's stuck up so ur obviously just interested in her because of her looks.

    • its funny how so many rejections can change a guys mindset

  • 1) if she's stuck up why do you wanna date her
    2) just bc you find her attractive doesn't mean she's stuck up
    3) if a guy calls a girl ugly, the vast majority of girls aren't going to want anything to do with him
    4) why would you wanna be mean to someone like that
    5) why would you want to date someone who will only hypothetically date you bc you "tore them down"
    6) you're fucked in the head

  • Very many attractive girls don't have the ego to match anyways. Furthermore, you're a dick.

  • if you are planning to do this, you are truly scum.

  • Seriously your Just some loser. Your such a pussy to put someone down Just si You Can get a chance with them... very low.

  • But say it in a reading, joking way otherwise you'll look like a jerk

    • you are the only girl who responded positive

    • Cause I would understand that it would only be a tease..:

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