What should my next move be? (19 year old cute coworker)?

I want to make it clear that I am fine with moving on, but I do want some opinions before I throw away a possible good opportunity.

-So i walked up to cute coworker i've talked to for a while now. she does give me detailed answers when i ask about her life by the way and etc etc. Anyway as i was clocking out of work and i said to her "Hey so i wanted to ask, do you wanna hang out some time and smoke? (420)"
-she stood there thinking for a second and said "you smoke? um yeah sure" and i replied "Do you drink at all by the way? maybe we can drink a bit too"
- she asked me back "what do you like to drink exactly?" i told her "eh whatever im not picky honestly." and she said "sure that'd be fun"
-Then we stood in silence for a split second, and i asked her "so could i get your number?" and she said "sure, just text me with your name so i know its you" and i got her number and went home

I texted her the next day in the morning (when i got her number, it was like 10pm at night at work) and didn't get a reply. I sent a very brief follow up text relating to my previous text 3 hours later (incase she honestly didn't see, it does happen) and still haven't heard from her all day. It's been one whole day of silence from her.

I was thinking I could go up to her next time at work and ask her in person and ask again for clarification if she's still down to hang out and casually ask her about my text. (i dont work for a couple days, so it wouldn't be like immediately the next day lmao). Or should i simply send one final text after a couple days and see what happens?


  • Ask her in person next time you see her
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  • text her a final time and see if she responds
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  • other? (post what)
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  • I'm sorry man but I don't think she's interested. You probably don't wanna message her again, you'll seem clingy. Just be nice if she talks to you in person, but don't go out of your way to talk to her. Trust me, if a girl likes you, she will at least text you back. Plus, some girl do this extremely stupid thing where they leave a guy hanging for anywhere from a couple days to a week so they don't seem "clingy."
    Bottom line: If i like someone, I definitely text them back. In person however, I run away as far as possible from someone I like because i'm not someone who likes being in their feelings. So d what you want but if she's not interested, she might not be worth your time.


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