In 2013 the founder of Plenty Of Fish aka POF changed POF to not allow men to contact or search for women with over a 14 year age difference, however?

In 2013 the founder of Plenty Of Fish aka POF changed POF to where men are not allow men to search for or even contact women outside of a 14 year age difference, however women are allowed to look for or contact anyone one at any age they want. The founder made those changes even though the site already had its own privacy features and setting built in so that users could secure their profiles by blocking other users they didn't want concating them and they even allowed users to select a cut off in order to block certain ages from contacting them above or below the age they selected.
The founder claimed his move was because 2% of men on the site was using his site for hookups and that was behind his reason for the change. The founder also advised POF users aka men that if they tried to get around it they would be deleted and banded from POF.

No doubt that founders move was in direct conflict with age law to restict adult men and take away their choice and the freedom. Knowing this, is there anyone that feels his move was a unnecessary biased move against men and a attack against our basic freedom?

Assuming you used POF in the first place, how many of you would be OK with the founders move and would still use POF knowing this?

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  • Dating sites are shit, never use them, trust me


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  • LOL! Well that explains why I had such bad luck on POF XD I only date older men so it's not a good fit for me.

    Lots of guys do use it for hookups though for sure. Like waaaaaaaay more than 2%

    Every dating site is a little different. Christian Meet is for religious people. Match is for people with money to burn, and tindr is for hookups. If you don't like the site rules or culture, don't keep using it, you know?

    • You're right I don't use POF I deleted my account and have no intentions of using it again. But however, so you see a trend coming here? The actions of POF doesn't conform with US age laws and POF should be band from US access is how I feel.

    • I think that in this case if a site like that is too restrictive with what they let people do, they're going to kill themselves off and we'll all just watch.

      Sites usually have things like in place before you join and they keep a clause in the TOU saying you're okay with future changes so you're agreeing to play by their rules by joining the site. If you're agreeing it's hard to build a case saying you don't.

    • TOS I agree, however it's funny how the owner of the site who happens to be a hypocrite by the very definition has made his rules under the guise of hookups attacking men and I do mean men only while the fact remains the biggest majority of his sites clientele are drug addicts and homosexuals, yet he bases his pretentious moral strategy solely on men and hookups? Give me a break.

  • I wouldn't be interested in dating someone that much older than me, but I think couples who want to do that should be allowed to. Almost all the dating sites are owned by one company so it is disturbing if the company uses that power to make blanket rules about who can date.

  • Some men PREY on younger naive women. That's pretty sad.

    • And some women (99.9 percent of them), use PREY as an excuse to gain an upper advantage over younger women and men too hoping men will choose them over a younger woman that happens to be way more attractive than the older woman too and if they can somehow manage to use excuses to block men from having access to younger women it will work in the favor, which it doesn't and won't work either, it only makes men resent the older women is all.

    • Stop being so unfairly shallow! You are going to get old too! What if women lied about their age? ...

      Wait... what are you even talking about? Younger women DO have the advatage, you are right, but it's not always that age factor that will determine the sucess of a relationship. So many other factors come into play, not just age. How about compaitibility in personality, in readiness to start a family, etc? Did you forget about that? And where did you get your statistics from? And just because they are younger doesn't always mean they are a better catch or that they will like you back. It always takes two.

    • I'm already old no need to get there and women already lie about their age. Where do I my statistics? I get them based on my encounters on the subject. You mentioned compatibility, personality and readiness to start a family, etc, but their choices at the age of 18 should be up the them, it's their right. You're also quick to factor in all those things as if a date would instantly end in marriage. What about young men when they were sent off to die in wars? Where was all the concern over them and why are they still required to sign up for selective service to be potentially drafted and possibly killed in war? When it comes to women everything seems to be a one way street even to the point now men's rights are being taken away.

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  • If I used POF I'd still use it even after the change because I'm not searching for people 14 years older or younger

    That said it is clearly designed to be sexist. If you're going to limit the age differences for searches it should be applied to both sexes

    • I agree except I don't use it now and I never will use it again based on principle, regardless rather I'd be looking for anyone outside of 14 years difference or not, I won't put of with somebody thinking they can dictate what I can or can't do especially a hypocrite that has two sets of rules.

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    • I put of with laws, but laws of different from rules some guy decides to make because he wants to trample on mine and others rights.

  • 2% of men on the site use it for hookups.


    • A bit delusional for sure.

  • I would be offended with all the equal rights bullshit we get on a daily basis.

  • I think the founder is very well aware women are gold-diggers.

  • Well tbh only people with shitty personalities use dating websites so It doesn't really affect me unless it's a law that guys can't date someone older than them

    • Not true at all, 1/3 of married couples met online, it's a totally normal way to meet.

    • It may not affect you yet, however you seem to be missing a point and that is what moves like his are meant to do which is to condition you for losing your basic freedoms. You should also not assume because someone with a disadvantage compared to you has personal issues because they have to use resources you aren't driven to use. I agree not everyone that uses those sites are of the perfect character, however assuming their losers because they have no other means is stereo typing.

    • @linds34 met online that's way different than a dating website, and to the guy who posted this. question and got offended fuck you because you probably do got a shit personality by using your wife "may she R. i. p" as an excuse to pull yourself out from a point I was making

  • Only beta faggots use dating websites.

    • In that case should I recommend you a dating site or are you going to find one on your own?

  • Who gives a fuck it's the founders website so he can do anything he wants with it

    • Your opinion shows you approval and you're absolutely right he can lose his members if he wants which he evidently does. But one last note, when the time comes and your rights and freedoms get restricted and they will sooner than you know it, refer to your comment here, you have no right to complain about it you already approved of it.

    • What the freedom to whatever you want with your website? I already have that right, it's called the first amendment. Which is in no way affected by him expressing his right to free speech.

    • Yes we have the first amendment. And then there is this thing called conditioning. Have you heard of it? Conditioning is what they do to transition your mind into thinking the way they want to you think when they're ready to change the things they are conditioning you for. Better wake up.

  • Ridiculous, I married a woman 14 years younger than me and had a LDR with a woman 15 years younger. by the way I was banned from that site until August 2024 (!) because I said in some posts where I felt women sometimes had unrealistic expectations. That place is a joke! A racket to get men to spend $$$ is all it is.

    • I'm going to add to the poster below who says the only people that use it have shitty personalities: I had lost my wife to a brain tumor, relocated my business to a new city where I knew exactly one person, my sole employee (male). That's why I used it. Do not judge me before knowing the facts.

    • I glad I never spent a dime on that idiots site and I never will either. Sorry to hear about your wife by the way and you have my deepest condolence.