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Do you guys think that after 4 years its normal to expect to be equal to your partners family if you guys have been dating seriously and especially if you guys are talking marriage? Im not talking about two highschoolers im talking about two adults in their twenties. I think so i consider my partner part of my family therefore when i say family comes first you bet my ass he is included in that statement. I think its more weird actually when people have been with their partner for a long time and they still put them second to family especially when in this day and age there are lots of couples who dont ever want to get married.


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  • Yeah I could see your point but it depends how people are raised also

    • Yeah true. When my boyfriend of 4 years sats family comes first i am assuming he means me too in that statement since we have been together for 4 years and we spend most of our free time together and we attend family functions together that he sees me as part of his family unit and if he didn't at this point in the game i would be really hurt but i know he does

    • I usually mean the family I made as the one I put first but in your case your part of his

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