Should I make a move?

I just starting talking to a new girl in my school for about 3 weeks and i really like her. I've hung out with her a couple times during lunch and this week im gonna hangout with her over the weekend just me and her. We don't talk much over text tho because she doesn't text much. We always ask eachother questions and she always laughs at my jokes and when i do something stupid in class or something she'll smile and call me a dork or mess around with me and when we hung out at lunch i didn't want to make a move yet but we always sit close to eachother and im just making sure, that i should make a move or maybe ask her out?


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  • Because she's new to the school she may be hesitant to get serious with anyone. It sounds like she's just getting to know her friends, one of which is you. I would wait to ask, just make sure you don't get too close or else you'll be in the friend zone. Best of Luck!!


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