If he doesn't text u for 2 days after texting for 3 weeks straight?

it hurts so bad when he doesn't text me good morning or good night and last time i texted so its his turn to text ugh I've fallen for him im screwd. what do i do?


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  • Text him saying, ". . . You alive?"
    If he doesn't reply then call him with your most chill, warm, inviting vibe and say something like "Hey! *enthusiasm* Just calling to see how life's treating you. Get back to me when you get the chance."

    In my dating experience, I find that when guys seem to detach, it's best for you to mirror their behavior with warmth. Don't pry for answers or be clingy and needy, demanding answers. Simply give them the space they are silently, subliminally requesting and when you do reach out to them, always be warm, chill, and make sure to bring GOOD VIBES. THIS IS KEY. Mastering the art of good vibes is important in life but especially when it comes to dating. Learn how to do this and ish will just begin to fall into your hands. :) Trust me. Even if you are freaking out in your mind, keep your poker face and free-therapy that ish to your friends! You guys aren't official yet so typically he's not obligated to talk with you every day. If you freak out and get all clingy, you might push him away.

    • thanks girl omg this makes so much sense yea i was being kinda negative with him lately. i was accusing him of being a player and demanding answers and stuff like where we stand now im like i definitely need to laugh it off even if he really is seeing other women, i should keep a poker face. ill text him now

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    • Once again, I must be honest with you: You're being clingy. :/ Eight minutes isn't that long :/ You will be less anxious and more chill if you can break the habit of waiting around for him to give you his focus and even an ounce of his time.

      I commend you for withholding sex outside of a relationship! That's the smartest way to do it considering how many guys just want to hit it and quit it!

    • were texting each other back and forth but he's being really cold and detached =[

  • Give him the straight up "Did you get busy or did I get boring?" That way you can get the answer out of him and decide how and why to be mad. If he doesn't have a good reason mooooooove on. We don't have time to sit around waiting for a guy to ghost on us.

    You deserve a guy who will TELL you if he's busy or TELL you when things aren't working out or he needs room. If he's not self aware enough to do even that, is he really ready for a relationship with you?