Tips for asking a guy on a date or just hangout together?

Haha, not that you guys haven't probably answered this question 1,000 times already.

So there's a guy I sort of know because we've had some classes together but we haven't really talked or hung out alone before. We have a few things in common and a lot of the same friends, but since I don't live on campus I don't see him much outside of class. (there's also a chance he might have a crush on someone else who he gets to see all the time at the dorms)

Anyway, the point is that this is my last semester in college and I don't really want to have too many regrets, so I want to try asking him on a date or something to get to know him better, but I'm really awkward and quiet around people I don't think I know very well... not to mention crappy at starting conversations...

Any tips or suggestions for my awkward self?


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  • Talk more, then eventually just ask if he wants to either a) hang out or b) go do a specific activity with you.


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