Girls, What should I do?

There's this girl I just met , we were great together but she recently broke up with her boyfriend and she called. And I comforted her all night and then she asked to be left alone for at least two weeks. Should I just do that? Or should I try to console her? Please help me out


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  • I think you should do as she says

    We women , even tho we may not say things at certain times, we do know what to want,

    I think its great that she is taking this time off to heal

    as we know that breakups are really harsh and she just needs the time to reflect and to heal and get him out of her system

    I also think this is good for you as well. I meant you wouldn't want to start off a new relationship as a rebound right? or having her behave negative or unfair towards you?

    I really commend her and not much women take the time to heal themselves but would rush right back in with the scars and all.

    You can keep away but at the same time you encourage her, respect her and be a good friend.


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  • she's going through a bad time! give her space