Is it not normal for the guy to pay for himself and his date in countries outside of the US?

So I recently saw someone say something about how the guy always paying for the first date is only an American thing and in Europe they don't do that. I was actually a little surprised and thought that it was the same in European countries like it is in America. Is it true that the guy paying is really only an American tradition?


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  • Either it's normal in the UK or I'm a mug. But most girls prefer to pay for half so they don't feel obligated to have sex. Which they wouldn't be anyway.


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  • I don't think is an American or European or wherever the country thing I think is a a way to be a Gentleman. Good manners and a way to make a girl feel special

    • I'm not talking about the ethics of being a gentlemen. I'm saying that I've met several people now outside of the US in European countries who say its odd that men pay for everything and I was just wondering if that was true. Please stay on topic.

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