The great debate: Should the girl text first or not?

Is it okay for a girl to text first, and if yes, how often is okay?

I have been getting mixed responses on this topic.

Some of my guy friends say it is flattering and they love it, others say it just makes the girl seem desperate and needy.

What do you think? Please explain. [=

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  • [ Is it okay for a girl to text first ]: Always

    [ Is it expected for her to txt first ]: Never, most women do not initiate the first method of contact.

    As long as your not stating your love for someone, unless it has been adequately given time to form- Text whatever you want.

    A great method that I enjoy is sending out "mass messages"- which annoy my friends that are busy, though on the times that they are free- they look back and read some of the things about those messages and realise that they are actually "funny" and not just a message like "if you don't pass this forward, you will suffer severe brain malfunction for the next 7 years. God loves you". Lmao

    - When you send out the "mass messages" it breaks the awkwardness of finding something to talk about- you could just jump into conversation- which will help to develop your own personal approach to conversations later in life.

    Best regards,



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What Guys Said 3

  • i don't think it makes the girl seem desperate and needy at all I'm going to have to agree with being flattered. its definitely okay for anyone to initate a conversation with someone else but if I know a girl and I text her first usually the conversation will end within 3 texts because she doesn't respond, that's why I think "if they are free and they care enough to think of me they will text me." but its pointless to try to chat with a girl and it goes no where faster than the convo started. so yes, if she wants to talk to me, than text away

  • If a guy received a girls number, he should text first and vice versa for girls. He as after all, the one who asked for the number.

  • I've always been confused by these questions. The initial text for a conversation or the initial text after you exchange phone numbers? Either way, if you have something to say, go ahead and make contact regardless of your gender.


What Girls Said 1

  • No. I think the guy should initiate contact first, whether it's through texting/calling/emailing.

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