Should I directly tell a guy I'm talking to online that I'm a bigger girl?

We've been talking on and off for a few months but recently it's been more consistent. We are friends on facebook and if you went through my photos (which I'm very sure he did) he would know my general body type, even with clothes on you can tell generally what a person looks like, but I want to clarify to him that I am a bigger girl so he is totally aware. I'd rather I know he knows so I don't have to worry about it or if he's not into it, we can stop talking and I can spare myself some time and hurt feelings.

We aren't able to meet up for another two months since I am out of the country.

When he first told me he was creeping on my photos I told him that if he lost interest based on that, that I wouldn't get hurt and would prefer we stop talking than him leading me on. He said of course but after seeing my photos said I was really pretty! Which is so sweet!

But still, I think I should clarify to him what I look like.

My problem is, I'm unsure whether telling him would come off as very insecure (I am a bit, but more I don't want to, like I said, waste my time or feelings on someone who isn't really interested). Or if I should just leave it and risk when he sees me him rejecting me (He seems like a really nice guy, but if I had the sense he was leading me on, I would not want to stay).

He also wants to Skype.

tl;dr - guy prolly seen my fb photos, said i was pretty but should i clarify with him that i'm overweight? is it better to tell him and risk coming off insecure or to let it be and risk him not liking me when i see him in person in a few months?


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  • As long as you have full body pictures that show what your body looks like on your profile... we already know what your figure is.

    Trust me, us guys on dating sites find it a dealbreaker if we don't see any full body photos of her on her profile. So we already checked you out and you satisfy our looks requirements. :-D


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  • You should tell him because you would want a guy to like for who you are. If he's ok then you have someone who accept you for you. That will make you feel appreciated and comfortable about having him. True love is hard to find so I hope you found it.
    Wish you the best!

  • If he's seen photos of you that accurately display your physique you have nothing to worry about.

  • Should not matter that you are a bigger woman. My girlfriend is bigger and I love it


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