Girls, why the change in her?

We're close friends. Recently she started dropping hints about being single and she's been more chattier and touchier around me. As such, I've reciprocated because I do admittedly have feelings for her. Yet she's changed how she'd normally message me though.

Before, I'd use to get an immediate reply and we'd have good chats and there'd be no issues especially because we'd not talk daily but message every now and then to check up. Now though, I'm waiting a bit for a reply or no reply at all.

I did mention us going out some time and she seemed keen and in person everything is all good so what's going on?

  • She does not want to seem desperate
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  • I don't know. Girls are weird
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  • She's just stringing you along
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  • Girls and guys alike are people in general. We are all a bit weird


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