Girls, Am I sexist towards my own sex?

I'm going to be brutally honest

I don't mind a guy making me sit in the kitchen making a sandwich for him, as long as he's brining in the supplies to make the sandwich with. oh and I hear a lot about catcalling and how woman hate it so much, I think it's hilarious when it happens it's not insulting at all it's just funny to me. I don't mind giving 50% of my life put towards my looks for a guy, if it gets me where I need to go. I love being a woman because it's going to sound horrible but all I have to do is look good and my life is made for me really , thats why this feminism stuff annoys me because it's giving woman more work to do, when we are so lucky [in my opinion] we don't even really have to work, just on our appearance that is lol

is this being sexist towards my own sex?
/i'm 17)


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  • No, I completely agree! sanwiches take like 5 seconds anyways.


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  • No, you are just being silly for believing good looking is forever and that it s all it takes to keep a man close to you. And what if he will dump you for a more good looking one at some point? Because reality is there will be always one younger and prettier than you. You should create a solid base for yourself which implies work and education. Real men appreciate independent woman and independent women know how to take care of themselves even when is no man around or that man dissapoints you. I think you are being sexist only towards yourself if you place your worth only on your looks.

    • I never said that I believe good looking is forever and that it s all it takes to keep a man close to you. Infact I don't believe that haha :)

    • Really? reread your post then..

    • calm down

  • If you're making these decisions for yourself, that's fine. If you're trying to impose them on other women and not support their decisions as they support yours, it's sexist.

  • If you want to be a kept woman then that's your decision but don't be a twat and think that's what everyone wants. A lot of people don't like depending on others, they like to make their own way in life. They like to earn their own keep. Have their own things and not be beholden to others.

    You want to be kept? That's fine but don't make out like wanting to be a grown up who supports themselves is a bad thing. I wouldn't say you were sexist, just very ignorant.

    • I was thinking internalized misogyny?

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    • LMFAO sound logic to me. There's a show over here called Another Period that you might get a kick out of.

    • @BellePepper oh my god, that sounds hilarious!