Does this guy like me or not?

Okay, first of all I'm not one of those people who decides on a whim that a person likes him/her if they have a close relationship with them, or if I make any sense ^^" I'm just stating my observations cause I'm not that dense xDD

So, in my case, this guy, who was the student government president, is a close friend of mine considering that I was the vice president (he is also the godson of my aunt, so our families are pretty close too). Eversince the start of the school year, we were always chosen to work together, along with other students, for the preparations for school events, but most of time, we were always left alone for the job cause, no offense, some of the students were lazy, and others are not allowed to stay late. Then we were told to participate in the elections of the Student council president and vice president, so I've been going to their house as we made the agendas of our partylist, flyers and etc. We've been working together till now but lately, I fell something strange going on with him... Before teacher's day, he was supposed to go to my house to help me prepare the dips for the nachos we were going to give the teachers, but after waiting for a long while, I decided to go to his house to fetch him but he said to just make it in his house, I didn't find anything wrong with it though~ but I lately catch him staring at me. Then there was one time, which was recent, when he was explaining about school matters, and I was listening intently, he stopped for a few moments and he looked like he was staring at me, I didn't mind it cause I thought that he was just stressed out cause of all the work... Then later these days, in the shuttle when going home, he sits right next to me. I mean I'm not exaggerating but I was almost at the corner of the vehicle and there were many vacant seats but he just decides to sit the seat in the corner which was next to me.

I just want to know if you think he "likes" me or not~ Thanks! ^^


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  • I'm thinking not