I think he ended it just to see what would happen?

Would a guy ever end a serious relationship just to see what would happen? Like to see if the girl would be really broken up or whatever...and would a guy ever date another person as a way to see if his ex was really the love of his life? As in date another girl to see how he would feel towards his ex...regretful or glad its over?


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  • If this guy broke up with you as a science experiment, did he really like you in the first place? To risk loosing someone that you care about seems really stupid.


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  • Yes. I, myself wouldn't do it, but I could easily understand why. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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  • Was it an out of the blue break up? I myself was just recently broken up with suddenly even though it had been less than three weeks since he told me he loved me. I don't know if this was on purpose or just to get away from me for awhile but I did some research on the male intimacy cycle you should Google it.

    • Yes, very out of blue, just spent a year in ldr and I asked where the relationship was going as I was aobut to move away to b w him and he said I don't know but I love you and I sor tof freaked and left his place, the next time he contacted me was by text saying he loved me but it wouldn[t work out

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