Do I have a chance with her?

Hey guys there's a girl in my class we both were really close , we could talk about anything , texted a lot , enjoyed each others company and so on she liked me and so did I. So this one day she tells me she likes a guy and asks me how's he or instantly i said dont ask me. Well then after a while we were texting and she goes like hey! you're my friend aren't you? I only thought of you as a friend and I really liked you as a friend so then I go like allrighty. She knows and I did make clear indications that I really like her so she says like or different from love so I kept to myself and knew that i was merely friendzoned all this while.

Anyway after that happened I stopped texting her for about a week and after which she texts me outta the blue on day saying hey! how are you? alive? so we texted for a while and it so happens her birthday was the next day so i called her up at midnight wished her made a greeting card of our photo together well after which she me and a couple of our friends to a bday treat so that day i told her i'll take you out sometime for your birthday and lets get you a nice dress.

After all this awkwardness this girl texts me hey! when are we going? She wants to go out with me is thta whats happening or am i being used to get her a birthday gift because we were gonna get her a dress eat out.

Should i take her out?

I really like this girl but the thing is she sees me only as a friend do you think I should forget this and look for someone who really likes me?


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  • I would suggest you to take her out. If she make clear indication that she only sees you as a friend and does not want to be more than friends, then look for someone else.

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