Girls, would you mind if a guy you considered a mild friend just came out of the blue and admitted feelings for for you? (Respectfully of course)?

There was a girl I used to work with who I talked to a decent amount but just at work, we messaged on Facebook a couple times but I never got phone number as at that time she was talking to a guy but then they stopped and she left, now a few months later I have to deliver something to her where she is for college and I really want to get off my chest how I feel, I know most people talk and text forever etx but that's not me I'm just straightforward and just want to tell her and see her reaction and if she's willing to pursue it, I know it's out of the blue but I need to do this, even if she says no at least I know I tried but girls I want to know if you think this is enough out of the blue that its weird you out or not?

  • The plan is fine, even if I didn't return the feelings itwouldnt weird/creep me out
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  • To me that's too out of the blue/bold, I probably would be creeped out
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  • Most likely I won't return the feelings but it's okay

    • Even if he hadn't seen you in a couple months (I just am delive roving something) it wouldn't creep you out

    • Nope, it won't.

    • Okay thanks :)

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