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I matched with this girl from my school on Tinder. We chatted for a day on the app and it seemed to go well and then I gave her my phone number and we've texted a bit a couple of days since. I feel like the convo is going decently well. I had mentioned that I thought he was very pretty to which I got an "Awe! That's so sweet" and I told her Id like us to meet sometime and she said "Awe I'd like that."

We've texted and it seemed to go well. I'm thinking she must be interested at least to meet if she matched, we talked and she texted me. Not sure how to go about it. Any thoughts for me on what to do and if you think she's interests? She definitely seems like a relationship type, not hook up, which I want


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  • People do what they want to do. If she matched with you, then she's interested. Go for it, buddy. See what happens and if it doesn't work out, then move on.