Had intercourse on the first date, really like him, need opinions on whether he is interested in more or not?

I met a guy online on Tinder (yeah i know, not the best start) I have never been intested in that app b/c of the reputation for hook-ups only, but I gave it a shot and matched with this guy. He messaged me and within days asked for my number, a day later after texting, he invited me over for dinner. I was ecstatic since the guy is super cute and totally my type. I am 28 and he is 34, anyway so on my tinder profile I clearly stated that I am a single mom in my bio. I assumed he had read it and I showed up to the date assuming he already knew, well he didn't. He asked me if I had roommates, etc and I said no, that I lived alone with my daughter, then proceeded to ask him if he had actually read my bio and he said no, bc he was impressed by my pictures alone. He is really attracted to me since I am a Latina and he is American, it also helps to note here that I am pretty hot (not conceited just a fact).

I thought our date will go sour once he found out I had a daughter and just kinda relaxed and figured I could at least make a friend out of this, but no, he asked me questions about my daughter, including whether her father was involved (which he is not), and how he can't wait to become a father and have kids. Long story short, we had a great time and then started watching tv and I thought about leaving since I figured the being a mom thing turned him off, he tried to make a move and put his arm around me but I kinda did not know how to react so he stopped, then later we both got cold and got a blanket, eventually leading up to cuddling, it felt so good! We cuddled not like strangers on a first date but like as if we had known each other for a while and just laid there watching tv while he caressed my hair and face and eventually started holding my hand. Yes, we eventually felt so comfortable with each other, it lead to very sweet and slow touching to some really nice and comfortable sex.

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After he kept exclaiming how attracted he was to me and asking me how it was that I was so sexy and so good at sex (I didn't do anything out of the ordinary but I took the compliments :))
Anyway I planned to leave right after and he suggested we cuddle again before I left, so I did b/c I really wanted to, he held me and then fell asleep, I kept trying to leave, but he kept holding me close, finally I slipped out and by then it was too late to leave so I just left him on the couch and I went to
I went to sleep on his bed. He joined me in the middle of the night and proceeded to hold me the entire night (I swear we were so comfortable around each other, it was amazing), the next morning, we woke up giddy about the night before and proceeded to have awesome morning sex, then cuddled and then woke up bc we both had things to do with our Saturday morning.


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  • You know, the fact that a guy is only into sex doesn't mean that they are necessarily assholes. They can want intimacy too. Wanting sex does not mean you are selfish. He could be a good lover while still being with you with sex. It seems at least that he reached to you with the idea of having sex. He can always change his mind. If you communicate with him again and you see he's not interested, you'll know.

    • We have been texting, I haven't texted him anymore b/c I'm waiting to see if he will initiate conversations with me, he did mention coming over to my area to hang out since I told him there's some pretty cool things to do out here, but no concrete plans since he's going to visit family this weekend. Last message he sent me was last night including a good night kiss emoji lol, who knows! I feel like I'm 21 and starting the dating game all over again, except I know better now!

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    • That's an excellent point! Thanks! I will do that

    • My pleasure lady !

      By the way, I think your poll is messed up LOL.

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  • Now we know how you managed to become a single mom at least...

    • Rude. She is 28, she can make her own choices without some random on the internet shaming her.

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    • Ok, I see your point in regards to the guy laying it on thick to get some action. I don't agree with your opinion on my lack of common sense, I never said I thought he was in love with me or whatever, only that I'm hopeful he will talk to me again.. You give some decent advice coated with a lot of insults, thanks?

    • I am just a very sarcastic person. Don't take it personally... Although it's hard not to...

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  • The single mom thing is not a turn off. The fact that he didn't read anything in your bio is a little more troubling. If you are attractive like you say, then he of course is going to want to have sex with you. Let's see if he calls or not, but he may have just been looking for a hook up

    • That's kinda what I'm afraid of. He mentioned how happy he was I came over and then he walked me to my car and on the way there he put his arms around me the whole time, he just kept hugging me and I was trying to play it cool but deep down I loved it all! We were holding each other the whole time to my car and then he suggested if I was ever in the area to let him know so we could grab lunch or dinner sometime, I told him sure and that he could always invite me as well.

      My question is, based on his behavior, is he interested in more or just hooking up? we're still texting each other but I'm definitely the one who initiated so far, he responds immediately and then continues to talk to me, I have mentioned future dates (subtle suggestions) and he agrees. I'll likely keep it cool and wait it out. Thanks!

    • See how it goes then. But I would also be prepared if he bails, because nothing you have said indicates he is looking for something long term, just looking for a hook up.

      Good luck!

    • Yeah I'm not necessarily going to be heartbroken if he bails, it's not the end of the world for me anymore, I wish he could want more but meh it's not like I can't attract a better guy any other day. Than you!

  • Most guys do like sex but do not want to be with someone who gives it up as easily as you did. Why did you give it up on the first date?

    • Honestly, I wanted to have sex too, I figured I'm an adult and responsible with my birth control plan, I just didn't think I would be questioning his intentions now. I was trying to make an exit right after mostly b/c I wanted to feel in control, you know? Like I got something out of the deal too.

  • Sex on the first date? Are you nuts?

    • I know! It was so unplanned, I really never do that! I don't know what was different this time.

    • I'm just sayin'

    • No, you're right, I don't completely regret it bc I'm an adult now and can own up to it, but a part of me does wonder how the heck I got to that point!

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