Should I call her?

Earlier this week, I talked to this girl in my marketing class. We talked about our majors, where we were from (for the record, she's from China), and our interests. After class was over, she said we should be friends on Facebook, so I gave her my name and cell # and she gave me hers.

My guess is that she was just looking for a friend in the class, since that was one of the goals urged by the professor, and didn't mean anything more by it. However, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to ask for a second opinion.

Should I call her and ask if she wants to hang out over the weekend?

*Don't worry about being critical, I'm largely writing this question to get Xper points and see responses.

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I called her and she said yes. We're gonna go see a movie on Saturday.
She canceled, stating she had other plans. She suggested getting lunch or dinner sometime, but my guess is nothing gonna happen. It's all good. It was still worth a shot.


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  • I agree, you have nothing to lose.


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  • dude, what have you got to lose?

    even if she just wants a friend it won't hurt to hang out with her.