I like him, he likes me. We haven't spent time one on one in weeks. Does he still like me?

I met a guy in September who I really like. He also told my friend he really liked me. Everything was going so well. We spent tons of time together. Now it's the middle of the semester at college and we dont talk nearly as much as we used to since we are both so busy It's not like we dont talk at all though. We are going to a concert this weekend which will be super fun. We haven't really hung out one on one in a few weeks. He did come over to play games with my friends and i last week though and it went great. It sucks because we haven't even kissed or anything in weeks. I miss seeing him all the time. I take it that its a good thing he agreed to go to a show with me even though we haven't hung out in a while? I feel like I need to talk to him about us. I really like him but I dont know where he stands now. I'm not sure what to do. I think he still likes me but this is confusing. He also doesn't have too much experience with girls so I feel like he doesn't know how to handle it. I also feel like we needed to slow things down a bit so this distance may be good.


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  • What if he feels the same about you? What if he feels like you have been keeping your distance from him? You have to try to see things from his perspective. It doesn't only work for this situation, it works with any situations. Try to put yourself in other people's shoes and understand them. Why do you leave it all up to him if you guys see each other or not? If you want to do something with him, then call him and ask him to do something. Take matters into your own hands. If you think he doesn't ask enough, then let yourself be heard. Tell him. "Why are you not calling me anymore? Are you still interested in me? I am...". He might realize that he's been neglecting you instead of thinking you were being distant.
    The key to all this is communication. Don't try to decode what's going on with him. Ask him instead.


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