Should I just accept it and move on from it?

So the guy I'm seeing only ever texted me first about twice since we've known each other. Not a major thing but it upsets me a lot and today up I lost it with him and told him I won't bother him again because I felt like I bored him because I'm always doing the chasing.

He text me back straight away as he always does asking what he'd done. I explained how I felt and he told me that I never bother him and he wants to see me. He said his a busy person and he usually just looks at texts he said he didn't mean to upset me. I did feel bad because I realised I think he does it to everyone

should I just accept the fact he will do this and not make a big issue over it or what would u do?


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  • Don't feel bad he's inconsiderate. Most people will take time for their loved ones no matter what they're doing. The great reporter Leslie Stahl said it didn't matter if she got an exclusive interview with the president if a family member needed her that was more important


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