Why is my ex liking and commenting on my instagram pics?

I stopped talking to my ex after he moved to another state far from me. I still have feelings for him and I can't talk to him when I know he's far and he just left and moved for no real reason. Which shows that he never loved me and I don't want to be someone's friends with benefits, I want a relationship. He always had commitment issues, he was afraid to get into a relationship with me but we were in one but there was no label. So I started ignoring him, he texted a few times after he moved and I have ignored, he also he keeps liking and commenting on my instagram pics everytime I post. I posted yesterday and he commented and said beautiful. Why is he doing this? He knows he doesn't want a relationship and I want something more. Is he doing this because he just wants to know that he still has me and for his ego? I'll only respond to him if he would actually say something meaningful or if he says he's moving back, other then that it's a waste of time :(


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  • Thats a good thing ! Let me tell you this, when your ex liking and commenting on your pics that means he still has feelings for you. But its okay because it might get annoying but the good thing is he can see how better you are without him. Girl, you need post a photo looking good with a cute outfit on... Let him know that he doesn't know what he has until its gone

    • Thanks so much!!! Yea I have to show him that I respect myself and I'm not just someone he can walk all over and contact when ever he wants

    • No problem! My ex did the same

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