1 week wait until asking her out again?

Went out with a girl last Tuesday. She texted me an hour after the date saying she had a great time and mentioned a funny joke we laughed about over dinner. I responded saying i had a great time also. Its now Monday and i want to ask her out again for this coming wednesday-- i haven't sent a text to her or recieved a text from her since that night.

Should i text her and ask her out again? I feel she should have texted me over the week if she was interested but she hasn't so now im wondering if i should be the one to do it.

Note: She missed a family party to hang out with me and laughed a lot at my jokes.


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  • She probably figured telling you she had a good time was "putting the ball back in your court" and hinting for you to ask her again. She probably also feels YOU should have texted HER sometime during the week if you're still interested haha I say go for it, it sounds like overthinking on both parties' part :p


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  • You have waited a bit too long in my opinion. Yes, you should ask her.


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  • maybe she lost her phone and all contacts? did you try through email or fb already? Either way you should try to contact her regardless and find out ;)

    • Nope i didn't try any fb or email, but i think i am going to text her today...

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