If I become more fit and get a better job and am more socially outgoing will girls show more interest?

Do I have to specifically ask a girl on a date or explicitly say I'm interested in dating. If we become friends and spend more time together will a girl eventually show obvious signs of liking me?


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  • Any form of improvement can increase your chances.


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  • "Fit" only works for little girls, older ones tend to not get so wrapped around it so much.

    Having a better job does wonders, women fall all over themselves for men with money. To make sure we are on the same page, I'm talking about a job that pays over $200k/yr.

    • A certain type of woman will. Most women are just the same as you, they work for a living and respect people who work. Shallow people will chase money and they come in both sexes. Men who like aesthetically pleasing money chasers tend to need money to get them and normal people tend to like normal people.

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    • I'm smart enough to know I don't give a shit if the man I love drives a truck. I'm smart enough to know that all that shit you're on about doesn't mean anything. You might believe that smart people will want better but I think you're being very materialistic, very shallow. Not everyone is.

    • @GirlScout
      Many people do care that they don't live in a tiny shack, that they don't drive a rust bucket, that they can afford to send their kids to the finest universities in the world for the best education possible, that they can see every continent, that they can retire with financial security knowing their investments are producing more than enough income to live a good life on, and that their children will likewise be able to participate in all the world has to offer without being restricted by lack of money. Women in particular care that they have a room just for shoes and bags, although it is not my thing.

      The difference is, if I imagine it, I can do it. You can't.

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  • Yes, you will feel better about yourself and that really shows. You will be happier and a result is you won't be so desperately needy for a woman.

  • A better job? She shouldn't care about the job but if a better job makes you more confident than she will notice this. Getting more fit could work and being socially more outgoing. And you can just hang with the girl and if you get signs she is into you , just say hey we should get coffee but as a date, Its shuttle and it's not as pressuring as straight out asking her out.


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