Do distances really make the heart grow fonder?

Been dating this guy for a while now and he recently went through a tough time, from losing his business and his apartment. This happened a couple of months ago but I still feel like he's pushing me away in a way and also I feel like he's kinda taking me for granted.

The reason why is because he'll say things like my loyalty and me being around this time doesn't go unnoticed and how he appreciates that because another female probably would've left when things got tough. But then he'll turn around and I won't hear from him for days. It's like do you really mean what you say when you say you love me a lot and care for me. He's actions are not matching his words and it's frustrating me because I don't want to come off as be incomidetate about his situation but at the same time I'm giving him my all and receiving the short hand of the stick. So my question is if I take some steps back and get myself back together and protect my heart would he miss me?


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  • No. It means they'll find someone else