Is it weird I'm jealous of the affection my boyfriend shows his mom?

I've been dating a guy for a year and a half and its been very rocky to say the least. He was finally ready to commit to me but he found out a secret I've been keeping from him... not cheating... but he still invited me to move in with his family, not only because i fell on hard times but because of his feelings for me. He doesn't trust me now and has become more religious so he doesn't want to have sex anymore. Its been 3 months now and i think we have hugged maybe 5 times. Nothing else. He's a huge momma's boy and it hurts to see him so affectionate with her. He lays in bed with her and cuddles with her and it hurts me cuz i want him to do that with me. He sits so close to her and puts his leg on her and it hurts so bad. Is something wrong with me?

Yes it is very real.
So last night she laid he head in his lap, they held hands while watching a movie, and when she was sitting there whispering to him, his dad and sister all left the room. It felt extremely weird. Is this normal in Pakastini families? She doesn't do it to the other son. Every time he leaves the room she calls for him, or asks where he is.


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  • It is not weird, it can be understandable, but you should relax and take it as it is: mother-son relationship and nothing more.
    He loves you in a different way then his mum, and there is no reason for you to think that she is your competition.
    I was like that some 5-6 years ago with my then girlfriend and her father, was so jealous at first, but then I realised that Im acting silly and childish.


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  • Seems to me to be something wrong with them not you but you need to talk to him about this and how you feel

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