Guys, Guys will you suddenly be hurt if a girl you like got turned off?

When I met this guy he was determined to get involved in church and make changes in his life. I have known him over a year and things are serious. A friend that is kind of supporting him bc he got injured in sports is celebrating Halloween by scaring people and passing out candy. I am more of fall decorations pumpkins and passing out candy not scaring people. My boyfriend wants to join him and dress up when I had planned on spending time with him on that day. I told him that him wanting to dress up is a turn off bc it's against my religion. Then he got offensive bc he hates to see me hurt and wasn't expecting my response. He never told me he was into that stuff in the beginning. Well we haven't talked for 3 to 4 days now. It is bad bc our communication never goes sour. Was I wrong for being real? I was also reminding him of where he came from and his beliefs. Also this guy friend is always around. He is gay and I am grateful for him helping but he is clingy and afraid of being alone bc he is 50 years old with no family. Sometimes I feel like he's going after my boyfriend. Was I wrong bc I told him that was a turn off?


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  • I have a problem with religions who's God's don't have a sense of humor and allow their believers to have fun. You're a party pooper

    • Lol we can have fun just in our own way

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    • Again it's in good fun, its pretend it isn't evil. Your God is a stick in the mud

    • lol whatever

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