Forget him or steal him?

It's about the crush who I tried to forget. But the truth is, no matter how many times I try to move on, I can never forget him. He has a girlfriend.
What should I do? Should I keep trying to forget him, or try to make him breakup with his girlfriend?
But I am not an evil girl, and I know how bad it feels when a girl try to steal her man. But on the other side, I can't forget him and still adoring him.


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  • Forget him, don't steal him, that's really low.

    • i know... i just, really hard to do it. But I'll try to do it.

    • It won't be as hard as you think, try to find something else to focus on

    • there's no guy like him...

  • I wouldn't recommend you to make him break up with his girlfriend. That sounds vile. You should try to forget about him.

    • yeah sounds so vile. but still so hard to forget him

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