I like a girl in my college.. But I never got the chance to talk to her.. How could I express myself to her.. We are practically strangers?

Actually.. Few of my friends had played a prank on me.. Once a girl called me n asked me to meet her.. But due to some reasons i didn't met her.. After some days.. I call her n was hoping that now we could meet.. But she refused gently..
N then my stupid mates told me.. That was a fake call.. But frankly speaking.. I begin to like her.. What should i do..


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  • Step 1: Wave your hand to her when u saw her.
    Step 2: Smile
    Step 3: Tell her to come over your side by hand gesturing
    Step 4: Hey (bla bla bla... add your sentence)
    Step 5: Flirt, tease her, making comments
    Step 6: Building rapport (Once she starts asking you questions showing interest, however, some girls may be friendly but not romantically interested)
    Step 7: Get her number, be direct. CLOSE


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  • start by saying hey. no harm no foul :)


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