GAME TIME: How Dateable Are You?

A while back another user posted this game. I feel like not many got to participate so here we go again! Post a comment below asking if you are dateable. Upvote a fellow GAG member if you think they are dateable, or downvote if not. This ought to be fun! Happy Game Time!

Please don't take this too seriously guys. We are just taking the little information we know from someone's profile picture, their comment, and maybe their bio, determining whether or not they seem attractive enough to date per your own standards/preferences. Thank you! Again, not super serious. We are all a big group of friends and family. Take a chill pill, up vote some of these gorgeous women and handsome guys, and be on your way, okay?
Last day of the game, friends! It has been pretty fun so far and we will have to play another game soon after. I will do my best to create a new game so we can save this one for a later date. Thank you for your participation.


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  • Why not? It's 2am. Nothing can go wrong at 2am, right?


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