Can't understand why a guy would behave this way, opinions please?

I've known this guy for several years but we've never been really close friends. A few years ago I moved away to go to uni, and he stayed behind in our old town. For some reason we never fully lost contact, and we always make an effort to see each other when I come back to my home town on holidays (usually only twice a year). Our familes know each other quite well too.

We text occasionally, but not often. He texted me for my birthday, and I replied asking him how he was going. He never replied to my text. He then texted me a month or so later congratulating me on a good job I got. I didn't get around to replying for about five days. During that time he asked my brother (they are quite good friends) if I had changed my number because I hadn't replied to him. He also told my brother he felt bad for not replying to my last message.

I'm kinda confused why he would talk to my brother about it. I don't think it's a big deal if either of us doesn't reply, seeing as we aren't very close. So why would he do this?


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  • Just curious, I'd say, probably because you always reply, and to not get a response from you was unusual , having your number close would make him feel like he still has a connection with you even if it's a text now and then


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