Guys, if you're dating a girl, do you still like to flirt with her?

kinda wondering. and what is the best way to do it?


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  • It helps keep the attraction alive which commonly dies throughout long term relationships.

    Plausible ways to flirt:

    - Sexually

    - Verbally

    - Physically (Non sexual)


    You can flirt with what you say / how your body is positioned / the things you do / etc

    Something that my S.O. does to me, is that she will take everything I say as an attempt to hit on her- which got annoying until I realised it was really getting me to think. I was hitting deep down at my subconscious level versus at my conscious level. Rather than "thinking" she was flirting, she was doing so without me even knowing- at all. Really quite strange... but it works!

    Practice "experimenting" of ways to flirt with your significant other about what will trigger certain reactions from a subconscious level- and you could playfully entertain yourself (without any mal-intent) for hours.

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  • Early stages? Yes, we will flirt with the girl we like.

  • hell yeah bro. best way to do it? same way you did it before you dated. everyone flirts differently.. my girl and I will have staring contests and ill always check her out same as I ever did.( with her noticing)

  • Yes. Why stop flirting with each other? Keep the romance burning. Keep it spiced.


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