He won't make me his girlfriend?

We are really close friends, sleep together every night, have great sex, spend most the day together, and have good conversations.
He is soooo cute to me in private, spending more time with me in person, but has been messaging me less.
He said I love you repeatedly when drunk the other night (i havn't brought it up since), but he sometimes messages other girls.
To the boys he acts so different towards me.
I don't get why he says we can't be together though. I understand why we CAN'T (because he just got out of a relationship & I leave in a week anyway) but i don't know why he doesn't WANT to. I just maybe thought that after all these months he might want to try :(


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  • Why would he want to be in a relationship, when it's going well right now? Why change a good thing? He's not. Men are simple. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

  • It takes a long time to recover from a bad break-up. Some people never recover. How long since his?


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